Visualization & icon library

A picture is worth a thousand words


Visualize it is the best visualization app to create professional looking visualizations in no time..

Library gives inspiration

Constantly growing collection of icons, pictures, flipchart layouts. Powerful search and filter function finds the appropriate visualization (e.g. light bulb) for topics (e.g. idea).

Learn to visualize

Short tutorial videos from zero to the visualization professional or just single techniques. Pause at any time and try it yourself.

Expand your library

Use the smartphone's camera to add your own (or someone else's) visualizations to the collection. Crop and edit directly in the app.

Always with you

The library and tutorial videos always with you on your smartphone. Ready for action. Synchronized on all devices (requires Internet access)

Favorites for quick access

Your own library of visualizations for quick access. Assemble from your own visualizations or from the Pro- & Free Community.

Find and Share

Add metadata for quick retrieval and categorization. Share your visualizations with others if desired.

Visualize everything - anytime

Download the drawing and visualization app for free and benefit immediately from the large, and growing library of icons, flipchart layouts and more. Improve your visualization style with videos on exactly the topic that will get you ahead. Build your own library and be inspired by the ideas of professionals.

Advantages of visualization

Your presentations are authentic and memorable

Can be used in any environment (flipchart, a sheet of paper, PowerPoint)
Makes your thoughts more understandable
Concentration and attention are considerably increased and memory strengthened
Information becomes easier comprehensible
Flipcharts, custom icons and symbols give great orientation and overview
Being able to highlight the essentials
Creating transparency
The visualization of central theses, discussion contributions and ideas increases the chance to concentrate on a common point
The visualization helps to select between essential and unessential information

Through visualization, central information

remains present in keywords. This increases the receptiveness and capacity of the team

Immediately - as much as necessary

Visualize it is always available on your smartphone. When you visualize something or create visualization maps, you get support exactly to the point you need on the go. Short videos explain individual techniques, the search/filter function shows relevant visualizations and guided visualizations, which you can copy and use on site and with the camera function, you collect successful visualizations and add them to your library

Benefit from

Always with you on your smartphone - find and draw the right symbols as you visualize

Constantly growing library with visualizations for drawing including tips for better presentation
Extensive search/filter function for appropriate visualizations and visualization maps
Find similar visualizations using tags
Report missing visualizations and receive them subsequently
Document successful visualizations of others or of yourself with the camera and make them available in your library
Create your own library of visualizations for quick access
Your own library and favorites are synchronized on all mobile devices
Learn the basics of visualization in video series
Optimize your own visualization with tutorials on individual topics
Checklists of the most important facts
In your language (English / German)
Competent & friendly support